We’re future-focused here at BND, after the success of our first issue we’re putting in the time to make Issue Two is even better! So we’re open for business again! Tell your kids, tell your wife, we’re on the hunt for pitches.

All the information is below but also available for download here.

What to pitch?

  • We are not looking for poetry submissions, articles only!

  • Anything to do with spoken word that being poetry, storytelling, hip-hop, comedy, theatre, on the island of Ireland.  

  • We’ll take ideas for reviews, profiles, columns, features and interviews centred around something that’s happening in the Irish spoken word scene.  

How to pitch?  

  • Email us saying what you want to write about, how you plan to write it and why you should be the one to write.

  • Write for BND ISSUE 2: email bnd@boundlessandbare.com. Mark for the attention of Eithne

  • Write for BND BLOG: email boundlessandbaremedia@gmail.com. Mark for the attention of Adam.

  • Don't send articles on Word, send in body of email.

What we’re looking for in a pitch

  • A sum up in one or two sentences of what you’d like to write about.  

  • Then tell us why it is interesting  

  • Ideas for how you’ll write this piece. I.e. who you’d like to speak to etc.

  • Be specific about what kind of article you’re pitching - feature, column, review etc.  

  • Know what word length you’d like the piece to be and justify why it should be that length

  • Write everything to us in English (Ireland), not US!

  • Samples of previous writing (it doesn’t have to be published)

  • Include your contact details in your pitch

  • Whether you want to write for BND Issue 2 of BND Blog   

  • How you will source pictures/photographs to accompany your piece  

What we like to hear in a pitch

  • We’re a magazine about spoken word in Ireland. Think outside the box on how spoken word is represented and how it exists in Ireland.

  • A wide range of content about the Irish literary performance scene (spoken word, comedy, storytelling, hip-hop etc.). We are keen to have content from all over the island and from as many perspectives as possible. Let us know what you particularly are interested in and what particular flavours of Irish performance literature you would like to write about for us.

  • We're particularly interested in Irish language spoken word, spoken word outside of the cities (that’s Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford), story-telling, cultural impacts of spoken word etc.

Here’s a general pitching guide from Journo Resources that might be helpful: https://www.journoresources.org.uk/pitch-freelance-editor-what-i-want/