Boundless & Bare

Boundless & Bare 



Who we are

Boundless & Bare is a representation agency for Spoken Word events and performers in the Irish Spoken Word community. Run by Melissa Ridge and Melanie O’Donovan. We produce monthly Spoken Word Gig Guides and co-host a spoken word podcast.


Our Mission

Boundless & Bare aims to strengthen and elevate the spoken word community in Ireland. We honour the creativity that has existed in Ireland for generations and bring attention to the talent that exists today. We are a community that allows people to enhance their craft, connect with other creatives and find new platforms to showcase everything they have to offer. 

Spoken word

Throughout everything we do we promote spoken word as an art form. By honouring artists and working with the change makers of today.


event facilitators

We value the people who offer platforms and support to the artists. Through town hall meetings, gig guides and ongoing dialogues; we will support organisers in making their events the best they can be.

Artist representation

Through round tables,  artist management and social advertising; we will highlight the best creatives in Ireland. We will represent them and help them enhance their craft and careers.


culture facilitators

We are raising the profile of spoken word as a literary and performance art form. Through our podcast, videos and workshops we hope to encourage more involvement.



Be unapologetic in yourself, look for the edges in life

Melissa Ridge  |  Co-Founders | Melanie O'Donovan