Line-Up for Sunshine Tantrum Tour 2019 Announced

This month Boundless & Bare launches the Sunshine Tantrum Tour. Now in its second year it is directed by Melissa Ridge and will feature artists from Dublin, Waterford, Wicklow, Cork. and Glasgow. In collaboration with collectives WeAreGriot, Modwords, and Angry Mom Collective this spoken word national tour will produce four shows in Dublin, Waterford, Cork, and Galway. There will be opportunities in Waterford, Cork, and Galway to perform in an Open-Mic segment. Details and line-up below! 


Modwordsfest  | Waterford | 14th July

Ireland’s Newest Spoken Word Festival, Modwordsfest directed by Waterford writer and poet Anna Jordan will be the first stop for The Sunshine Tantrum Tour. Four performers will take share their spoken word to audiences in Geoff’s on July 14th. Line-up on the day will feature artists: Ciaran Callan, Niamh O’Beirne and Bibi June & Ross McFarlane

Ciaran Callan is a Dublin-based spoken word artist and improv musical comedian. He is a regular on the poetry scene in Dublin. Recently he has started improvising poems based on audience suggestions, reaching the finals of a talent competition using this format. 

Niamh O’ Beirne, a writer, performer and freelance creative producer also based in Dublin. Currently, she makes work under Spooky Beure; whose blatant promotion of witchcraft, is shamelessly half-covered by a veil of performance art and interactive parties. 

Bibi June and Ross McFarlane will put on their newest spoken word theatre show ‘Make/Shift’. A show which deals with found family and the socio-economic struggles of a generation that was promised the universe, but was gifted a broken world. 

Ross McFarlane, born and raised in Glasgow, is a punk-influenced, high energy poet. His work exemplifies the DIY, entertainment-centric, bonescrapingly honest ethic on which he was brought up. 

Bibi June is a poet, theatre maker and producer based in Glasgow. They run spoken word theatre company ‘In The Works’ and have performed their work throughout the UK. Their writing focuses on liminal identities, social injustice, and bringing capitalism to its bare knees in front of the guillotine. The two are currently touring ‘Make/Shift’. throughout the UK & Ireland. 

They have previously collaborated on shows including ‘A Matter of Time’ (2017) and ‘The 900 Club’ (2018), the latter of which received 4* and 5* star reviews for its debut run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 


Angry Mom Collective | Cork  | 14th July

Angry Mom Collective is a Cork-based collective that has come together in an effort to raise awareness of and put an end to gender divide in the music and art industries. 

“Our aim is to help female and non-binary artists and musicians to produce their art in an accepting and non-judgemental atmosphere. As a collective, we are very excited to be collaborating with Boundless & Bare for The Sunshine Tantrum Tour in Cork. We're really looking forward in seeing a mixture of talent from outside of Cork and giving our Cork pals a chance to share their work as this is our first venture into spoken word events”

The show taking place in plugd in Cork City will host a night of spoken word and comedy with artists based in Dublin and Waterford: Raven, Sasha Terfous, and Therese Cahill with a second installment of the ‘Make/Shift’ tour by Glasgow artists Bibi June and Ross McFarlane.

Raven is a Californian spoken word artist living in Ireland. Since his move to Ireland he has rapidly become one of the most popular and highly regarded spoken word artists in the country, featuring on both spoken word and music stages at festivals (Electric Picnic, Body & Soul, Flat Lake and Waterford Literary festivals, etc.), and on the radio (RTE and Newstalk).  

Sasha Terfous has emerged from the arts community in the Sunny South-East of Ireland and commandeers a powerhouse voice of knowledge and emotion and her use of poetry is to not only narrate, but to also educate and inspire others to reflect upon themselves. She is now one of Ireland's important figures in the spoken word community. 

Therese cahill is Ireland’s first female “limp-up” comic who is also a singer, songwriter, musician, actress, writer, mother, former life model/legal bookkeeper and unemployed temp. With the cheekiest of grins, she reels off songs written somewhere deep within a slightly corrupt yet (mostly) harmless mind. She’s the perfect mix of warmth and devilment!”


Talkatives | Dublin  | 14th July

Think Hip-Hop cypher meets poetry slam. Think Def Jam Poetry meets Rap battle. A new event in Dublin created by WeAreGriot in collaboration with Slight Motif and Boundless & Bare. On Sunday, July 14th in Workman’s, four rappers and five poets will compete in a classic poetry slam style competition where all slam rules apply: no music, no props, no reading, with all content being original. Featured poets are: Samuel Yakura, Lizzy Byrne, Chiamaka Enyi-Amadi, Trudie Gorman, and Brian McMahon Gallagher. Featured rappers are: ARI.NOIR, King David, Kestine, and UPPBEAT (Finn Costelloe)

The contestants will be judged based on their flow, their content and their performance on the night. The judges are Femi Falana from Slight Motif and Melanie O'Donovan CCO of Boundless & Bare with a special guest judge plus a selected judge from the audience. The winner will take home a cash prize of €150 and the title of the champion of the first ever Talkatives event. 


The Róisín Dubh | Galway  | 19th July

On the 19th July in the Róisín Dubh the tour ends with four artists who are making waves in the spoken word scene at present. The night will feature Tadgh Williams, Tari Takavarasha, Alana Daly Mulligan, and Sorcha Doyle.

Tadgh Williams is a musician, songwriter, poet and radio presenter from the Viking city of Waterford, Ireland. Tadhg's writings centre around social and political issues however his light hearted attitude and love for his hometown often feature.

Tari Takavarasha is a coder and spoken word poet who is a regular face on the Dublin open mic scene as well as previously in London where she debuted at the legendary Betsey Trotwood weekly night. In the coming year she will be published for the first time in a piece about mental health crises, a theme she returns to regularly in her work along with race, love and friendship often through a rap inspired style.

Alana Daly Mulligan is an award-winning spoken-word “artivist” and filmmaker from Waterford, Ireland. Alana's work targets heartstrings; battling brutal realities with the desire to connect, feel and love as a human being before everything else. Her spoken-word films are internationally recognised, having garnered over 80K views across social media. Alana is a Quercus Active Citizenship Scholar studying English and History in University College Cork.

Sorcha Doyle is a poet turned comedian hailing from Bray, Co. Wicklow. Over the last few years she has published and performed work both in Ireland and overseas. Her comedy appeals to the masses, an introspection on love, work-life, depression and being a half-adult in the big smoke. Primarily a storyteller, Sorcha works with anecdotes, taking the unspeakable and serving it to you on a platter.

Sunshine Tantrum Tour 2019

Modwordsfest  | Waterford | 14th July
Angry Mom Collective | Cork  | 14th July
Talkatives | Dublin  | 14th July
The Róisín Dubh | Galway  | 19th July

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